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Browse the menus of nearby foodcarts right from your palm. Bookmark interesting dishes for trying out later and decide what to eat based on your friends rating!

Cart or Menu item missing? No problem; just provide feedback right from the app and we will update it soon!

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Some of the unique features of the app are below

Find food to eat!

Search and filter dishes to eat in nearby carts and see if your friends thought highly of any dishes

Private rating

Rate on a per dish basis and only your friends can see your rating.

Bookmark dishes

Save interesting dishes for future reference.

Other Features

Scroll down to learn more about other features in the interactive guided tour.

Interactive screen

A mini guide to the FoodKart app; Click on the icons to see more more details.

Interactive Screen

This will guide you through our application features. Click on any icon to see the feature.

Explore carts

Find and search nearby carts to find interesting food to eat.

Rate dishes for your friends

Dish ratings are only for your friends and not the whole world!

Browse menu

Browse the foodcart menus right from where you are.


Locate the cart on the map before you start walking there.


Not in a mood to share? Turn off sharing so that your Facebook friends cant see your rated dishes.

Bookmark dishes

Save interesting dishes for your own future reference.

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